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This $20 Presto Waffle Bowl Maker Is a Game Changer

Want to make waffle ice cream bowls? Want to make waffle bowls for fruit salad? Waffle bowls to wear as hats, you crazy bastard? Meet your maker.

The humble waffle, smothered in maple syrup and butter, is a breakfast classic; just ask anyone who’s ever visited a Waffle House. But chicken and waffles, waffle sundaes, and waffle tacos are all proof that the fluffy checkered treats aren’t just for breakfast anymore. Enter the Presto Waffle Bowl Maker, a countertop appliance that makes thick, bowl-shaped homemade waffles you can fill with any number of delicious fillings.

The Presto works just like any other waffle maker. Simply pour some batter — homemade or store-bought — into the preheated chamber. Close it up, wait three and a half to four and a half minutes, and open to reveal a waffle bowl four inches in diameter.

The nonstick coating on both the top and bottom grids makes it easy to lift out your waffle, an important feature if you want to preserve the structural integrity of your waffle bowl.

A countertop appliance that makes versatile, edible waffle bowls.

It’s a silly item that’s surprisingly useful. For one, eating out of an edible bowl is the kind of gimmick that appeals to kids. If you have a particularly picky eater, they might be more inclined to chow down if they get to eat their dish afterward.

And in addition to the creative waffle dishes you can make, consider the other kinds of edible bowls this thing can crank out. More than one Amazon commenter has made a hashbrown bowl with it, a great alternative for those who prefer savory to sweet breakfast feasts.

What else can this $20 device do? Cook bowl-shaped cookies, biscuits, falafael, and whatever else you can form pressing two hot surfaces together. The only limit is your imagination.

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