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The Presto Nomad Portable Slow Cooker Is a Crock Pot in a Rugged Plastic Shell

And boy do we want one.

The Presto Nomad, not unlike a certain crew of aliens from Cybertron, is an appliance in disguise. It has the form factor and plastic exterior of a classic picnic cooler, but it’s actually an insulated slow cooker designed for maximum portability. In other words? It’s just the thing you need to transport that oh-so-tender pulled pork or famous five-alarm chili without it spilling everywhere. Chances are, it becomes a tailgate staple.

The Nomad’s heating element is shelled in a plastic exterior contains that keeps the outside cool to the touch. There’s also thick handle that makes it easy to carry it as though it was a cooler. That lid locks tight so you won’t spill anything, and the power cord tucks away into a rear compartment. They’ve made it as difficult as possible to maim yourself on the go.

Other niceties include a plastic utensil holder fits on top of the cooker and a serving utensil that’s held in place by the cord during transit. Detach and flip it over once you’ve set up your dish and it works nicely as a spoon rest.

The red six-quart Nomad is about 16 inches wide, a foot deep and eight inches tall, and it weighs nearly eight pounds. These measurements tick up slightly in the tan eight-quart version. The wide profile of the device makes it less likely to tip over than a traditional, taller-than-it-is-wide slow cooker. The front of the machine has a simple knob control that you can rotate between off, high and low slow cooker settings, and a keep warm function that works well for buffet-style serving.

Of course, if your dish is part of a buffet you’ll want people to know what it is.  So there’s a  small whiteboard next to the knob and a dry erase marker that fits into a vertical compartment so you can be sure people know how famous the chili in it’s interior actually is (People can also peer down through the transparent glass lid to see what’s inside)

Like all slow cookers, the Presto Nomad is great for preparing hearty liquid meals like stews and chili as well as tougher cuts of meat that tenderize nicely over hours of slow and low cooking. What sets it apart are the bevy of features that makes it share your culinary creation at your next tailgate or potluck.

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