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This Powerful Snowblower Is Only $104 On Amazon Today

Think how fast you'll have that driveway cleared.

Winter isn’t giving way anytime soon. What will, however, is your back if you have to shovel that entire driveway again. So don’t. Snow Joe’s Ultra 18-inch Electric Snow Thrower can hurl 720 pounds of snow per minute, and it’s only $104 on Amazon today.

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The SJ623E snow blower uses a four-blade steel rotor, easy-glide all-terrain wheels, and a 15-amp motor to cut an 18″ x 10″ path down the walkway, and it throws snow up 25 feet out of an adjustable 180-degree chute. There’s a scraper blade at the base to protect your deck, a 20-watt halogen light up front so you can plow after dark, and the best part, “No gas, no oil, no maintenance, no fuss!” Building a snow slide for the kids will never be easier.

SJ623E -- snow blower

If you have a big driveway and need more firepower, Snow Joe’s also knocking a ton off the heavy-duty ION8024-XR, a 24-inch, self-propelled, two-stage blower. It normally runs $900 but is down to $576 for the day. It’s loaded with top features like a four-speed digital drive system, whisper-quiet runtime, and an illuminated control panel. Plus, it cuts a 12″ x 13″ swath and throws 1,000 pounds of snow 32 feet, so easily into the neighbor’s yard.

Buy Now $104