PowerDot Electronic Muscle Stimulator

The PowerDot Helps Heal Muscles While You Go About Your Day

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If you’ve ever wondered why your top fantasy football receiver recovers from a pulled muscle in days, while you spend weeks hobbling to work, the answer is simple: Fancy medical equipment you can’t afford. (Also, they don’t have dad bods). The PowerDot levels the playing field. Just put this app-controlled electric stimulator under your clothes to help heal your muscles. Best part is that you don’t need an NFL salary to afford it.

Electrical muscle stimulation is basically shooting electricity into your muscles to mimic nerve impulses sent from the brain. But, rather than drag yourself to the physical therapist twice a week, all you do with the PowerDot is attach the reusable electrode pads to the muscles you want to work. Choose one of 8 preset programs (improve endurance or speed, massage, active recovery) on the smartphone app, wait for the tingling sensation to kick in so you know it’s working (also so you can adjust the power of the pulse/muscle contraction), and get dressed. That’s it. No doctor, no copay! And since the 17 to 33-minute programs work while you go about your business, you won’t even be late to the office.

PowerDot Wearable Sports Muscle Stimulator
It’s sold solo or in a 2-pack, in case you want to blast your pecs and shred your hammys at the same time. The box includes the stimulator, Micro USB charging cable, and 4 sets of electrode pads that last about 4 months. See, you’ll be off that ZogSports injured reserve list in no time.
PowerDot Wearable Sports Muscle Stimulator ($249/$449)

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