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This Motorized Pool Lounger Will Kick Your Summer Up a Notch

How has no one thought of this before?

Despite what a certain HBO series might say, summer is coming. That means barbecues, water balloon fights, and, hopefully, lots of lounging in the pool on a glorious float while the kids splash around you. Might we suggest climbing aboard the PoolCandy Splash Runner? The pool float not only offers a comfy spot to take in the sun, but also has a motor so you can zip around the pool to find your personal spot of sunshine.

The motorized inflatable pool float you never knew you needed.

The Splash Runner looks like a pretty standard pool lounger. It has a grey and teal inflatable body with a backrest, armrests, and plenty of room to stretch out your legs. Like any pool float worth its chlorine, it also a cupholder so you can place the beverage  of your choosing beside you.

Located conveniently on each armrest where your hands rest naturally are a pair of joysticks. Each independently controls a 66-watt electric motor mounted underneath the float. A simple push on the sticks and you can move around the lake or the pool like a very fancy lazy man.

Why do you need it? You don’t. But imagine, instead of sitting up and paddling the float to land like an awkward child, you can take one last sip of your drink and zip over to dry off, or, if you’re lucky, grab a refill before shoving off again.

The motorized inflatable pool float you never knew you needed.

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