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This High-Tech Ball Turns Your Yard Into A Video Game

With all the video games and gadgets your kids have access to today, getting them to go outside and just play isn’t always easy. Seriously, hand them a rubber ball and you’re likely to be met with a blank stare (“Ummm, what do you want me to do with this?“). Hand them a rubber ball that’s also a high-tech gadget, however, and let the good times roll.

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For youngsters who struggle to stay engaged with anything that doesn’t beep, the Play Impossible is a 5-inch, inflatable multi-sport ball with a “brain” that wirelessly syncs to your phone or tablet. That way you can play real-life video games at the playground. Essentially, kids play with the ball like they would any other ball, except everything they do registers in the app (how fast they can throw, how far they can kick, etc.) thanks to a well-protected microprocessor and dual accelerometer/barometer. It can even track the number of times the ball is hit in the air without touching the ground, so nobody loses count or has to do math.

Targeted to kids ages 5 to 15-years-old, the Play Impossible Gameball comes pre-programmed with games like “Bomb Squad,” “Hot Potato,” and “Water Balloon” (catch it softly, or it’ll “break!”), and more will be available as in-app purchases. To select one, you simply toss the ball in the air and catch it. Every toss toggles through the game menu on the screen. Find one you like and tap the ball twice — just don’t taunt it!

Play Impossible Gameball syncs via Bluetooth, has a 300-foot range with real-time updates, and can get over 2 hours of play on a single battery charge. Even cooler, it uses a super-rapid charging stick (that kind of looks like a high-tech air pump) to power the ball in … 15-20 seconds! Barely enough time for a cold glass of Sunny D.

Play Impossible Ball

If you want to help make Play Impossible Gameball the next “toy sensation that’s sweeping the nation,” you’ve got two choices: Invest in the company on their Indiegogo Equity page or sign-up by email to pre-order at a discount when it releases later this year.

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