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Plate Crate Delivers New Baseball Equipment To Your Door Every Month

For $30 a month, they'll send baseball and softball gear, training aids, and custom accessories.

These days, companies will deliver anything to your door on a monthly basis ⏤ from razor blades and baby food to STEM toys and craft beer. Name the product and there’s probably a subscription service for it. Sporting goods, not surprisingly, has generally eluded the business model. Who needs new baseballs sent to house every month? The answer, of course, is anybody with a kid who’s obsessed with America’s Pastime. Plate Crate, a baseball subscription box, totally gets that.

Actually, it’s not just for baseball but softball too. Simply sign up for one or the other, and every month a new box will arrive filled with “baseball and softball gear, training aids, and custom accessories.” Every crate includes three to five new items ⏤ no repeats from last month, please ⏤ and is guaranteed to be worth more than the $29 monthly fee. In addition to Big League Chew, batting gloves, and actual balls, boxes can include everything from ProHitter’s Batting Grip Aid, Tee Stackers, and glove oil. Not to mention snacks like sunflower seeds and Cracker Jacks. It’s mostly focused on gear to get kids better at the game.

If you like the idea of a giant box of gear, just not every month, they also sell a one-time Mega crate for $250 loaded with all kinds of crazy stuff. For example, the Blast Motion Bat Sensor, Varo Core Bat Weight, and Two Hands Pro fielding aid, not to mention a Plate Crate-logo’d trucker hat and 3/4-inch baseball tee, are all in the mix. Subscriptions are month to month ⏤ so there’s no long-term commitment ⏤ and start at $29.

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