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This HD Pet Camera Lets You Fling Treats To Your Dog or Cat

Petcube Bites lets you watch and reward your pooch from afar.

Imagine a Wi-Fi video monitor that not only watched your toddler sleep but also tossed gold fish into the crib every time they cried. If the kid’s old enough to safely eat crackers (and you don’t mind the crumbs in their bed), it sounds pretty amazing, right? Of course, it does. Sadly, nobody’s going to invent that for an 18-month-old. But they did for dogs, and it’s called Petcube Bites.

Another First-world gadget seemingly designed to blur the line between “pet” and “people” parent, Bites is a HD video camera that works exactly like an advanced video baby monitor or home security camera. It shoots 1080p, wide-angle (138-degree) footage, boasts infrared night vision and two-way audio, and syncs to an app so you can catch all your pets shenanigans on a tablet or smartphone while sitting in the office.

The big difference, obviously, is that the device also flings dog or cat treats six feet across the living room at scheduled times. Or, if you’re trying to teach that old dog new tricks, when you swipe the screen. The dishwasher-safe container can hold two pounds (100 treats) and there’s a sensor to let you know when the snacks are getting low; the Petcube app will also automatically reorder another box on Amazon if you ask it to.

Because these are the times we live in, Bites also records up to 30 hours of footage (for a $30 monthly subscription fee) and video clips with the greatest potential for going viral can be posted on social media. Also, if you don’t want to be limited to watching your cat sleep in only one room, Bites syncs with Petcube’s non-projectile-hurling Play cameras to provide views from all over the house.

Petcube Bites comes in one of three colors (matte silver, rose gold, or carbon black), includes a wall-mounting kit, and sells for $249.

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