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This Service Turns Your Kid’s Hilarious Stories Into Hand-Drawn Comics

Peanut Gallery is a fantastic way to preserve those accidentally precious moments.

Peanut Gallery Comics

Kids say hilarious things all the time. And while some parents are smart and quickly jot said hilarity on a piece of random scrap paper (or on Twitter), most stories are soon forgotten. Even the funniest memories have a way of fading as new more hilarious ones are made. But what if you could immortalize your favorite funny kid story as a framed comic strip on your desk, or on the living room wall for all to enjoy? How could that not be fun? Well, now you can with Peanut Gallery.

The brainchild of a New York City dad with an apparently very funny son named Finn, Peanut Gallery is a service that turns real-life stories into hand-drawn custom comic strips featuring all of your favorite family. The process is simple: Write a quick summary of your funny episode (or link to a social media post) and upload it, along with pictures of those involved, to the Peanut Gallery site. Then choose one of four artists/illustration styles that capture the essence of your family/mood of the scene. And that’s pretty much it.

Your chosen artist then draws a full comic strip ⏤ anywhere from a single window to eight ⏤ before soliciting your input on the proofs. After you provide feedback, request changes, and/or sign off, they’ll print, frame, and send an 11- x 14-inch matte board comic ready for coworkers to enjoy when they stop by the office. The entire process takes less than a month and costs $75, which is a small price to pay for preserving a kid’s ridiculous words forever.

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