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This Powerful Spitball Blaster Shoots Wet Paper up to 65 Feet

Paintballs are painful, water guns messy, and Nerf darts rarely hit the target. Also, they get lost. When it comes to backyard (or office, or living room… ) battles, the search for the perfect weapon continues. Today’s contender: the Paper Shooters Spitball Blasterz. The powerful guns fire good old-fashioned spitballs ⏤ and as many as a person has the patience to make from a box of Kleenex ⏤ at targets up to 65 feet away.

Paper Shooters actually unveiled its popular cardboard spitball blaster kit on Kickstarter back in 2015. It came with an air chamber, trigger system, ejecting shells, ‘soft splat’ paper ammo — basically everything a spitball marksman would need to unleash wet paper on an unsuspecting child or coworker. One just had to put it together.

Today, the company is back with a plastic, fully assembled model that’s ready to rock ⏤ simply load the clip and unleash the fury. The gun comes with or without a scope and includes a 16-shot flip magazine, ejecting shell cases, 500 rounds of biodegradable pellets, and a mold to make up to 50 rounds of ammo at a time from ordinary tissue paper. Don’t feel like making your own ammo? No biggie: They sell extra bags, as well as accessories like magazines, shells, and safety goggles. Just because it’s paper doesn’t mean you can’t still shoot your eye out.

Paper Shooters has already cleared $24,000 on a $6,500 Kickstarter ask, so these bad boys are coming. Unfortunately, just not until October. In the meantime, you can order the cardboard kits on the company’s site or just spit old school with a plastic straw.
(Available October 2017)

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Spitball Blasterz