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Black Friday Early Deal: The Breville Smart Oven Air Is $100 Off

This thing is a miracle.

Black Friday  and Cyber Monday don’t technically start until right around Thanksgiving. But the sales, they’re furiously multiplying. And here’s a deal that parents like myself can’t pass up: A cool $100 off the Breville Smart Oven Air, the best toaster oven and convection oven we’ve ever used.

You can cook anything from a bagel to a pizza to a roast duck in this awesome Breville oven, normally $499.95.

But seriously, we can’t call this thing a toaster oven. It is to toasters what a Maserati is to cars. A distant relative. The Breville is foolproof, and I say this as someone who chronically overcooks just about every vegetable unfortunate enough to come into my orbit.

The Breville has long been our obsession at Fatherly, because it does the job of a half-dozen small appliances. It reheats, roasts, cooks, bakes, and dehydrates. It’s got a two-speed convection fan that gives you greater cooking control and ensures that you don’t mess up your meal, no matter how distracted you are.

It has 13 separate cooking functions. And you get food cooked in 30 percent less time than using a conventional oven. Which is pretty dope when you have a job, and a hungry cavalcade of kids to feed.

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