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This Lightweight, Foldable Kayak Will Actually Fit In Your Family Adventure Mobile

Before kids, a trip to the lake might have included a canoe and a tent, two mountain bikes, camp chairs, and a giant cooler full of PBR. Today, the minivan barely has room for everyone’s shoes. Which is why this new packable Oru Beach kayak may just make your whole damn summer.

The 12-foot foldable Oru Beach kayak is the Autobot of personal watercraft (just call it Aqua-mus Prime) and made from UV-treated polypropylene. It collapses into a pretty manageable 33-inch x 29-inch box. That might seem cumbersome to some, but you routinely carry around a human that’s roughly 3-feet and 26 pounds. Plus, unlike a toddler, the Oru Beach kayak can be worn as a backpack or messenger bag for easy transport. When you unpack it, it resembles a giant expandable file folder. Fold it up again and it kind of looks like you’re toting tax documents to the lake. Of course you’re not — but if that bear has a 401k, its a win-win situation.

Oru Beach Kayak

The Oru Beach kayak is built for one adult, but it has the capacity to carry up to 300 pounds. If you have a kid that can swim and wear a life vest it becomes a vessel built for one and a half. Also included is an adjustable footrest and a fiberglass paddle that breaks into 4 parts. Just think — instead of 10 minutes of daily “me” time in the bathroom you could have some quality peace and quiet on the water. Until you hear the kids screaming, “DAD!” from shore.

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