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The Ooni Koda Is the Outdoor Pizza Oven of Our Dreams

It's an easy way to expand your outdoor cooking repertoire.

There’s nothing wrong with the old barbecue standards of hot dogs and burgers, but even the classics can get old quickly. Luckily, it’s easy to expand your grilling repertoire with new recipes and barbecue gear, and pizza is one of our favorite things to make in the backyard. You can do it on your grill, but if you want wood-fired pizza oven taste from the backyard you should consider using a dedicated pizza oven for perfectly charred crust. For our money, the best outdoor pizza oven just might be the Ooni Koda.

The Ooni Koda measures two feet tall, 16 inches wide, and a foot deep. That’s big enough for roughly 175 square inches (or about one personal pizza’s worth) of cooking surface. It’s a beautiful propane pizza oven with a sleek, angular design and a pressed, powder-coated carbon steel shell and a stainless steel inner. There’s also a custom cast aluminum frame in the front and 20 millimeters of mineral fiber insulation that serves to keep heat concentrated inside the unit.

A portable propane-powered pizza oven that makes preparing pizza in your backyard easy.

It comes preassembled, so to set it up all you have to do is unfold the three legs, slide in the included pizza stone, and hook up a propane supply to the rear of the oven, just below the single dial that lets you turn it on and adjust the temperature.

The relatively small size of the Ooni Koda would be an issue for cooking for a crowd if it didn’t get so damn hot. We’re talking 932 degrees Fahrenheit, a number that feels borderline dangerous but means it’s possible to cook a pizza to blistered perfection in just a couple of minutes. It also means you can have friends assemble a bunch of pies with their choice of toppings and then cook them one after another.

Another bonus: The Koda weighs just over 20 pounds, light enough to bring to a friend’s house, a tailgate, or any other outdoor celebration that might benefit from some fresh pies. In other words, all of them.

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