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The Force Is Strong With This New ‘Star Wars’ Fitness Gear

And yes, that is the Boba Fett kettlebell you're looking for.

The ultimate irony of Jedi-inspired fitness gear is, of course, that the Jedi don’t need to work out. Why would Luke spend hours pumping iron when he can move heavy objects with his mind? For everybody else, though, you have to hit that gym. Or, better still if you’re a hardcore fan of the Force, bring home a set of these new Star Wars weights.

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Sold by the supplement company Onnit, the new collection is actually its second foray into officially licensed fitness equipment. It already sells a Marvel line that includes an Iron Man kettlebell and Captain America Shield Barbell Plates. Nonetheless, the new set is especially cool ⏤ for gym rats and Boba Fett fans alike ⏤ and includes:

Death Star Slam Ball

Death Star Slam Ball -- star wars

This 10-inch, 20-pound fitness ball in the likeness of the Empire’s ultimate weapon is made of a polyurethane rubber, has a detailed slip-free grip, and is designed for speed and power drills. Also, it costs $75.

Buy Now $75


darth vader kettlebell -- star wars

Made of chip-resistant iron, these detailed kettlebells come in three weights and characters, including a 50-pound Boba Fett, 60-pound Stormtrooper, and 70-pound Darth Vadar. They’re sold separately and are not cheap, starting at $150.

Buy Now $150

Solo Yoga Mat

han solo yoga mat -- star wars

Han frozen in Carbonite is one of the most iconic images of the entire Star Wars franchise. And now it’s emblazoned on a $65 moisture absorbing, non-slip yoga mat.

All of the new gear is currently available for pre-order on Onnit’s website and will hopefully be available by the time The Last Jedi hits theaters.

Buy Now $65