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The Oceas Outdoor Blanket is Totally Waterproof and Weighs Less Than a Can of Soup

Every parent needs this clutch piece of gear.

Parents need clutch gear like waterproof blankets and outdoor blankets. That’s because you’ll find yourself stuck at your kid’s soccer or baseball game when the skies open and down comes the rain, or if you’re sitting on soaked grass watching your aspiring Lionel Messi try to score goals. For those ill-timed outdoor moments, you need the Oceas outdoor waterproof blanket on hand.

Made from a cozy, synthetic polar fleece, this five-by-seven-foot blanket is great for enjoying everything from catnaps to canapés, comfortably seating three adults. In cold weather it’s perfect near the fireside; beach days are more enjoyable with it under an umbrella. And when you really want to snuggle up, you can easily wrap the blanket around three people. 

The inside of the blanket is warm fleece, and the outside is windproof and waterproof.

Sure, the fleece is nice. We like fleece. But here’s the kicker. A polyurethane-coated backing prevents moisture from seeping through, ensuring your khakis stay dry from everything from dew to fresh rain. The PU coating also boosts this blanket’s strength, preventing punctures and cuts so that you can enjoy it for years to come. 

When not in use, it rolls up and stuffs into an included cinch sack with attached carrying handle for easy transport and storage in the car, garage, or other high-traffic area. Spilled wine or juice? No problem—just throw it in the wash with other like fabrics and it’s good as new. 

Still not sold? This blanket weighs two pounds, which is about the weight of a can of soup, and when you fold it up, it’s seven by 15 inches. It rolls up into a handy ball.

So when you need to stay warm outdoors, you can slug back a fully-loaded Irish coffee. While wrapping yourself in the Oceas blanket, of course. 

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