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Now’s the Time to Buy That Le Creuset Dutch Oven You Always Wanted

Stew season is almost here. Better come prepared.

For as much as winter sucks, there’s something pretty damn special about coming in from the cold to a big bowl of beef stew. Or chili. Or pot roast. Nothing quite warms the innards like burly slow-cooked meat. And much like your grill plays an integral part in nailing the perfect steak, so too does your Dutch oven. And few brands do the Dutch oven quite as much justice as French brand Le Creuset, which has been firing up cast-iron models since 1925. Their multi-colored cookware will last until your kids have kids, which is why the brand is both so enviable and expensive. But now’s the time to invest in one because culinary retailer Sur la Table’s slashed prices on these culinary workhorses.

Le Creuset Round Wide Dutch Oven

Sur la table has cut $85 from Le Creuset’s large Dutch ovens, bring the price down to $200. Now, that isn’t necessarily cheap. But the rugged 3.5-quart oven measures 12.5-inches by 10-inches by 5.5-inches, weighs around nine pounds, and is made of cast-iron with chip- and crack-free enamel. It evenly distributes heat, rocks oversized handles, and its composite lid nob is heat resistant to 500 degrees. That means it can do everything from sear and brown beef on the stove to bake bread in a pizza oven. It also boasts a sand-colored interior so you can tell if something is burning.

Le Creuset Round Wide Dutch Oven

The deal is part of Sur la Table’s 45th-anniversary sale and runs for a limited time only. So hurry up. That chili’s not gonna start itself.

Buy Now $200