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Ninja Foodi Black Friday Deal: Save $80 on the Pressure Cooker, Steamer, and Air Fryer

And the cooking blender is on sale, too.

Multi-cookers are a parent’s best friend. Food is done quicker, and it tastes better, thereby satisfying the exacting demands of picky eaters. And our favorite multi-cooker, the Ninja Foodi, is now majorly discounted, ahead of Black Friday  and Cyber Monday

Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker

The Ninja Foodi basically does it all, and it's down from $249.99.

What makes this multi-cooker so dope? A few things. First of all, it just looks cooler than others on the market. It makes perfect air-fried chicken thanks to its TenderCrisp technology that lets you to quickly cook stuff, then use the Crisping Lid to give your meals a crispy, golden finish. Yum.

The ceramic coated pot is big enough (6.5 quarts) to cook an entire holiday roast. You can also cook five pounds of chicken in the cook and crisp basket. 

Best of all: Say goodbye to thawing out frozen foods. You can evenly cook anything from the inside out, by first using the pressure cooker function and then topping it off with the crisping method you want. Soggy fries? No more.

Ninja Blender

Yeah baby. A Ninja blender that cooks your food, down from $169.99.

Use this bad boy to make all the soups you want, now that it’s officially cold outside. It has 12 programs to choose from. But best of all, you can use this to make smoothies and frozen drinks, but also to cook proteins and veggies for soups and sauces. You can even melt cheese to make a fondue.

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