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Loog’s New $90 Jack White Kids Guitar Teaches Toddlers to Shred

We can tell that your kid and this guitar are gonna be friends.

It’s a rare toddler who knows Jack White. Or the White Stripes. Or the song ‘Seven Nation Army.’ But you probably do, and you’re the ones who will immediately recognize the sweetness of Loog’s new limited-edition Mini x Third Man kids guitar. A collab with White’s Third Man Records label, the MxTM is a starter guitar for kids as young as three that’s obviously designed to make them look like the coolest kid in the neighborhood while teaching them how to play some oh-so-tasty licks.

Loog’s beginner basswood guitars have a slim three-string maple neck made for tiny hands, are designed to make learning easy but without dumbing down the sound, and they come in two sizes for different ages: the Mini (3+) and the Pro (8+). They measure 23-inches in length and are about the size of a ukulele. While the Third Man guitars come fully assembled and ready to play, most Loogs are DIY so that kids can put them together.

The guitars also come with flashcards showing chord diagrams and the Loog App, which includes everything your future Jack White needs to start rocking out, including video lessons, a tuner, and a digital songbook so the can learn by playing real songs. In this case, they actually have thrown the White Stripes’ ‘We’re Going to Be Friends’ into the app, as well as included a custom Third Man Records pickguard and logo emblazoned on the guitar.

The Loog Mini x Third Man comes in yellow or black and is currently on sale for $90 on the Loog website.

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