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New Harry Potter Cookware Helps You Work Magic in the Kitchen

Williams Sonoma's new collection features four aprons and spatulas for each Hogwarts house.

WB/J.K. Rowling Wizarding World/ Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma must have read the minds of every Harry Potter fan trying to cast a spell on their cooking. The kitchenware company just released a line of Harry Potter cooking gear, and they already look like must-haves. The collection includes four aprons for each Hogwarts house and four matching spatulas.

The new spatulas might not help you and your kids work Gillyweed into your muggle diet, but, according to Williams Sonoma, they are BPA-free, heat resistant up to 600 degrees, and safe for use with nonstick cookware, bakeware, and kitchen electrics. They all feature full house crests on one side, along with the Harry Potter logo and a Golden Snitch illustration on the other.

Williams Sonoma Harry Potter

WB/J.K. Rowling Wizarding World/ Williams Sonoma

The four Williams Sonoma aprons in the new collection are just as magical and are all emblazoned with the full house crests and names, along with the houses’ colors. So, whether you’re a Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw, you can still protect your clothes from splatter. Plus, the Harry Potter aprons come in Kid and Adult sizes, so the whole family can show their house pride. Each spatula costs $13, while the adult aprons are $40 and the kid’s apron is $25.

Whether you’re a die-hard Harry Potter lover or just a casual fan, this collection should motivate you to cook up some Cauldron Cakes.

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