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Meet Your New Favorite Rocking Camping Chair

They don't call it a stargazer for nothing.

So you’re planning your next camping trip, or just maybe a beach outing and you’re torn: Do you take your La-Z-Boy with you or not when choosing the ideal rocking camp chair?

It’s a confounding age-old question, one which lays bare your struggle between comfort and convenience. But now, thanks to Nemo’s Stargaze Recliner luxury camping chair, you can have both. Without having to hire a moving truck. 

Wondering how this is, in fact, possible? Let us explain. Outdoor camping chairs, for the most part, suck. They’re janky, unstable, and unkind to your back. This one is firmly in the opposite camp.

The Best Rocking Camp Chair

Nemo, maker of outstanding outdoor gear, has the best new camping chair we've ever tried.

Nemo makes outstanding outdoor products. And now, it’s added our new favorite chair to the mix. It swings, gently, just enough to relax you as you admire the Big Dipper while drinking a cold beer and eating a hot dog (or veggie dog, whatever the case may be). You rest your noggin on the supportive headrest. You can perch the chair on any surface, be it sand or rocks or grass, and use the auto-reclining feature to find the perfect sitting angle simply by leaning back and shifting your body weight. That’s right. You shift around, and the chair does the work for you.

Let us repeat: You just shift your body, rest your neck on the headrest, and the chair auto-reclines and gently rocks.

It’s made from aircraft-grade aluminum and has an integrated cup holder (for the aforementioned beer).  You rest your elbows on the padded armrests. Because you don’t actually want to fully unplug, you can stash your phone or tablet in the attached pocket.

You don’t overheat, thanks to the mesh back that stays cool and dry. The chair sets up in three quick moves. And when you pack it up, it weighs a measly seven pounds. But its weight capacity is as eye-popping as its comfort level: 300 pounds.

Just don’t forget your cooler.

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