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The Best Basketball Action Figures & Toys for NBA-Obsessed Kids

Big-headed action figures! Plastic all-stars that ride on ATVs! Plush versions of players that look like the Wrestling Buddies of the '80s!

It’s NBA Finals time. And, whether you’ve got a team in contention, or got bounced long ago, there’s still something undeniable about the excitement of the Championship chase. And if you have a kid who’s obsessed with basketball (or who you’re trying to turn into a devotee of the dribble-shoot-score lifestyle) there’s a suite of sweet toys to help them recreate the action — or simply serve as another cast member in the action figure opera they play out on a daily basis. This roster of NBA playsets, collectibles and action figures are perfect for the closing minutes of the NBA season and beyond.

Funko NBA Players

Who says NBA players have big heads? Funko does, obviously. The pop vinyl juggernaut thinks everyone has a huge dome and has done the NBA justice with stylized, 3 ¾” replicas of top players. All details are present and accounted for, as well — from James Harden’s iconic beard, to Anthony Davis’ eye-conic unibrow. Keep an eye out for rare variants, like the Kobe #8 purple jersey, and start an All Star Team worthy of its own ESPN highlight package.

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OYO Shoot-Out Set

If you want to score big, you’ve gotta build big. And it doesn’t get bigger than this 60-piece NBA shootout set. Each court is printed with team logos for your favorite squads, and comes with two minifigures to dominate the boards. The 10 x 6.5-inch base is great for pickup games, and for teaching your kids to pick up their toys.

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OYO ATV/NBA Figure Set

Ballers and ATVs? Uhh, Sure, why not! I mean, Dino Riders were a thing, right? This set combines an 85-piece, buildable All-Terrain Vehicle and a minifigure of a player from your favorite team. The ATV comes with on-board team flags, exhaust flames, and team decals, while the minifigure comes with a mini ball, water bottle, and headphones. And it finally answers the question of what would Kevin Durant look like riding an ATV?

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Bleacher Creatures NBA Player/Mascot Plushies

Much like early 80s Wrestlebuddies, these plush players are the only way you can get away with calling a NBA superstar soft. Combining the likes of throwback legends such as Jordan, Pippen, and Shaq (in all his various forms), and current hotshots such as Lebron, Steph Curry, and Kyrie Irving, they’re perfect for cuddling up with when your team suffers a last-second loss. Mascots are available, too.

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Lil’ Teammates Figures

Perfect for the kids’ rooms or your office, Lil’ Teammates are poseable vinyl figures that could easily get lost in an NBA player’s shoe. The figures stand but 3-inches tall, so you can collect the entire set and still have room to box out while shooting fadeaway threes into the trashcan.

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NBA Construction Deluxe Collector Set

Each set of these 2 ½” mini players is fully constructable. That means you can build by the books and have a formidable roster of NBA greats, or you can mix and match heads, arms, torsos, legs, and more to create a true athletic freak — on and off the court! Do they look more like Minecraft versions of NBA Superstars? Yeah. But does it really matter?

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McFarlane Toys NBA Figures

Consider these figures the Holy Grail of all NBA playthings. Not because they cure Sean Connery’s bullet wounds (how’s that for an Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Reference?), but because they’re easily the most realistic NBA figures on the planet. McFarlane Toys is known for its attention to detail, and its sports series figures do nothing but bolster that rep. The line dates back to 2002, and has introduced a total of 33 series so far. Somehow, though, they’ve overlooked Kurt Rambis. Let’s get in the game, guys…

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