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Start Making Your Own Cold Brewed Dutch Coffee And Stop Paying For That Iced Crap

You won’t see hot coffee again until after Labor Day — it’s cold brew season, people. And, while you’ve always trusted those sleeve-tattooed, handlebar-mustached snobs at your third wave coffee shops to handle things, this is really nothing that you can’t do yourself. No need for a 6-foot tall siphon. No need to buy beans an ocelot shat out. All you need is a My Dutch coffee maker (which is actually from South Korea) that doesn’t charge you $5 a cup for attitude.

The Dutch method is all about letting ice slowly drip over coarsely ground coffee through a special valve. Because it’s glacially slow, you’re going to need some extra time to let it work its magic. See, the My Dutch coffee maker doesn’t care if you have kids, a job, and a nagging sense of your own limited mortality. There’s nothing to be done until all of that ice melts. Do you taste that? That the taste of patience.

My Dutch Dutch Coffee Maker

My Dutch comes in 350ml and 550ml sizes, but you can just be honest with yourself and get the bigger version. This isn’t the world’s cheapest kitchen device, but it is a worthy investment. Think of it this way: After 50 cups it pays for itself. Or in more relatable terms, roughly what you go through in a week of being woken up at 5 AM.

Buy Now $240