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This App For iPad Teaches Kids To Play Instruments In Real Life

Just because your kid isn’t flashing signs of being the next Bjork doesn’t mean she has to always be the one playing the woodblock. Give her an advantage over the other 3rd graders by downloading this new iPad app out of Iceland (see, nooow you get the Bjork reference) that teaches children basic music skills beyond how to pound the hell out of saucepan for 20 minutes: Mussila Musical Monster Adventure.

It was designed as an interactive game where your future Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald, or Peter Cetera (you know, artist references you understand) can help the Mussila band track down the musical instruments they’ve no doubt “misplaced” while partying late after a show in Reykjavik. The Mussila Musical Monster Adventure app also includes fun exercises for identifying instruments, reading sheet music, and recognizing different melodies and rhythms.

Mussila Musical Monster Adventure

Not only will your little polymath get a first-rate education in preschool music theory, but they can actually learn to play the piano without you being out 3 grand and half your living room. Once they get proficient, have them record their own songs, or even go all T-Bone Burnett and sit in with the band for an interactive jam session. About the only thing this app doesn’t teach aspiring musicians is how to actually make money playing music.
$5.99 (iOS)