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The Best Mother’s Day Gifts for New Moms 2018

Everything a sleep-deprived new mom could want.

Contrary to popular belief, a newborn doesn’t count as that first Mother’s Day gift. Sorry. And while flowers are a fine start, your partner didn’t just endure a long pregnancy (or long adoption process) and months of sleepless nights for a bouquet of garbage carnations. Of the all the Mother’s Days to come, none are as important than inaugural one. Here are the presents that let a new mom know you’ll never be close to understanding what she went through, but at least you have decent taste.

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White Stacking Gold Rings

The beauty of these 10k white gold, stackable rings ⏤ which are engraved with the name of a child or spouse ⏤ is that they’re sold individually, so you can buy more as the family grows. They’re also available in a slew of other metals to match her skin tone including sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and 14k gold.

Buy Now $379

Mommy’s First Milestone Labels

Because laughter makes sleep deprivation hurt less… these four hilarious wine bottle sticker labels help her toast the best and worst of the early milestones ⏤ Mom’s First Night Out, Mom’s First Temper Tantrum, Mom & Dad’s First Date Night, and Mom’s First Baby on the Move. They attach to any standard vino bottle and are even waterproof if she prefers her pinot chilled.

Buy Now $9

Personalized Family Print

Way better than those annoying family car window stickers, these custom-drawn cartoons from an artsy mother-daughter team out of Michigan come printed on enhanced matte paper and framed in black BonanzaWood. Simply submit a picture ⏤ choose skin tone, hair, and clothing color ⏤ personalize it with your family name and year, and they’ll take it from there.

Buy Now $0

Polaroid Pop Camera

The Polaroid Pop offers the ease of a digital photography with the instant gratification of an old-school Polaroid. The Pop rocks a 20-megapixel lens, LCD touchscreen viewfinder, Bluetooth/WiFi connectivity, dual LED flash, and shoots 1080p video. Better still, the same camera instantly prints full-color 3.5″ by 4.25″ images with the iconic Polaroid border to stick on the fridge.

Buy Now $0

Summer Pajama Set

Milk-stained, oversized sleep tees might be fine for month one, but that’s about it. This properly fitted summer pajama set from J. Crew features elastic-waist shorts that sit at the hips and a simple button-down top for easy night nursing.

Buy Now $80

Shred Wireless Earbuds For Women

Whether she’s already back at the gym or just trying to drown out the cries (yours or the baby’s), Wicked Audio’s wireless Bluetooth earbuds use magnetic backings to stay attached, are sweat-proof for high-intensity workouts, and run five hours on a single battery charge.

Buy Now $50

Nod Pod Pillow

Designed to reduce stress while promoting deep sleep, the Nod Pod is a weighted sleep therapy pillow that calms the body by gently massaging key pressure points along the head. Cooler still, one side of this eye pillow cools on contact, while the other warms with microfiber fleece. It even works in an upright sleep position.

Buy Now $25

#MOMLIFE Snarky Coloring Book

For those few moments between naps and nursing, this anti-stress coloring book for adults celebrates the humor and frustration of motherhood. It features 74 thick-stock pages of fully detailed drawings just waiting to slowly be filled in with pencil, marker, or watercolor by the time the baby is potty trained. More importantly, it’s pretty hilarious.

Buy Now $8

Love Bath Bomb

Each one of these organic bath bombs from House of Intuition contains rejuvenating minerals and herbs mixed with detoxifying salts; plus lemongrass, peppermint, and pink rose petals. And even if you live in the city and don’t have a tub, they can still be placed on the shower flower to release a gorgeous scent and effervescence.

Buy Now $6

Coco Silk Robe

She won’t want to wear this luxurious silk robe from high-end lingerie brand Journelle while nursing (because #silk), or while putting the baby down for a nap, or, well, while blending carrots, but she’s going to want to wear it ⏤ if only to feel (briefly) normal again. It’s available in blush, black, and cream.

Buy Now $198