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Onyx Motorbikes Are Pedal Assisted Mopeds With Serious Style — And Oomph

Onyx Motorbikes make pedal-assisted mopeds that, dare we say it, are objects of desire.

The idea of the electric bike always made sense. Pedaling can be hard work, and sometimes you don’t want to show up at the office looking like you just spent the morning in a sauna, so why not have a bike that you can pedal but also get a bit more of a moped-style zip from the motor? But the resulting bikes can be a bit clunky and also, let’s be honest, give off a delivery-guy chic vibe. At least, that used to be the case. Now, electric bicycles are, dare we say it, becoming objects of desire. Case in point: the stylish from Onyx Motorbikes, a San Francisco-based moped manufacturer that gives you the option of pedaling or using an electric motor to get around.

Onyx makes two mopeds: the CTY and the RCR. The CTY has range of 40 miles and top speed of 30+ mph. It’s  aimed at city-dwellers. The higher-performing RCR has a 75 mile range and tops out at 60 mph, which is pretty damn fast for something you plug into a standard outlet to recharge.


Both models have a sleek, industrial aesthetic that is eye-catching but not flashy: black steel frame, aluminum and mahogany veneer battery cover, backlit LCD display. They also include an NFC smart key, a Bluetooth interface to adjust settings with and iOS and Android app, and, because why not, USB C and 3.0 charging capabilities.

Available accessories include extra batteries and a DRT kit with off-road tires and other accessories that will let you tackle more rugged terrain.


Onyx is an Indiegogo-funded company currently in the prototype phase. Shipments of their first mopeds are scheduled to go out in September, but if you throw down $2,600 for the RCR or $1,875 for the CTY today you’ll get yours next February. That’s a long time, but we have a feeling it’ll be worth the wait.

Buy Now $1,875

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