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MonkeyLectric’s Newest Bike Lights Turn On Automatically For Safety


It’s hard enough getting your kids to wear a bike helmet. But, reminding them to switch on their bike lights before they ride home in the dark after an afternoon of crazy neighborhood hijinks. Yea, good luck with that. Your better bet is to pick up the newest line of MonkeyLectric’s themed wheel lights that turn on automatically.

Essentially, the safety gurus at MonkeyLectric have fine-tuned their popular spoke-mounted LED bike lights and released three new models. They are the same weatherproof, ultra-bright LEDs that produce 25-40 lumens and ensure motorists see your kid from every direction. But now they’re thinner, rock a tough rubber molding (instead of plastic), and are motion-activated thanks to “triple-sensor technology to detect wheel rotation and light levels.” The MonkeyLectric lights securely attach/lock to the spokes using a stainless steel strap, and the rechargeable battery mounts to the wheel’s hub. It only needs to be charge 4-6 times per year — just slide it out and plug it into a USB adapter.

MonkeyLectric 3rd Gen Bike Lights

If you’re worried that they might have cut back on all the crazy designs and colors in the name of straight safety, guess again. Other than the A10 Combo, which boasts a simple “classic” look with white lights up front and red in back, the other MonkeyLectric models still bring the festivities. The A15 illuminates the road with one of 8 colors or 5 themes (solids, stripes, blends!). The big daddy of the bunch, the A30 aims to “maximize fun and visibility.” Thirty-two, full-color LEDs plus 42 themes like stars, hearts, fireballs, and flowers are all there and fully visible up to 40 mph.

Monkey Lights have been out for awhile, but before you go and order the older light, know that if you wait a minute you can get the 3 freshest models. Pre-order now for a June delivery — perfectly timed for endless summer bike-riding.

Buy Now Starting at $33