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The Moment Morphs Your iPhone Into A Wide-Angle Camera

You get insane photos, every time.

If you want the best camera phone, you need to take a Moment. By that, we’re being literal.

Even if you were one of those dudes who didn’t know how to use your smartphone‘s camera before you had kids, the odds are good now that you’re whipping that puppy out every 15 minutes to capture just the most adorable family photos ever. And since taking 100 shots of Junior riding the family dog can drain your phone’s battery pretty damn quickly, there’s the Moment lens, to make sure every photo is a keeper.

The Moment lens works with iPhone, Pixel, Galaxy and OnePlus phones. The set includes a lens, lens cap, and microfiber bag.

Before using this lens, you need to buy an M-series photo case or battery case to attach the lens to your phone. Otherwise, you’re screwed. But trust us, it’s worth it.

When you use the Moment, you get epic landscape shots, and deeply textured photos. It clicks right into place, so attaching it is super-easy. The Moment is an aspheric lens that delivers outstanding edge to edge image quality, with distortion correction. You wind up with Ansel Adams-worthy photos. 

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