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The Moment 2.0 Case Morphs Your iPhone Into A Wide-Angle Camera

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Even if you were one of those dudes who didn’t know how to use your phone’s camera before you had kids, the odds are good now that you’re whipping that puppy out every 15 minutes to capture just the most adorable pictures ever. And since taking 100 shots of Junior riding the family dog can drain your phone’s battery pretty damn quickly, there’s Moment 2.0.

Wait, what was Moment 1.0, you ask? Excellent question: It’s an easy-to-attach iPhone lens that debuted a few years back on Kickstarter. It makes pictures of your child even more handsome (if that’s possible), and people love it. And it’s one of the reasons the Seattle-based company is back with a cadre of new add-ons, all aimed at making picture-taking with your iPhone or Google Pixel easier and better. Here’s what they’ve been working on, in a (wal)nut shell:

  • Battery Photocase: Designed to double the life of your iPhone 7/7+ battery, this 3500-milliamp case features a “2-stage, DSLR-like shutter button” with focus lock and rapid-fire shooting, and a wrist strap so you don’t drop your phone in the lake while teaching your kids how to waterski.
  • Photocase: This thin (.33mm) case accommodates the iPhone’s 2-lens interface, comes in black canvas or walnut, and makes one-handed shooting even easier thanks to a more tactile shutter button.
  • Wide-Angle Lens: Yeah, so they’ve gone back to the drawing board and redesigned this new aspherical wide-angle lens from the ground up using cinema-quality glass. Key highlights: sharper edges, no more dark corners.

Moment 2.0 iPhone Case Plus Wide Angle Lens

All the new gear is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter in a variety of different packages: 1) Case only, either photo or battery (from $25 to $79); 2) the Starter Kit, which includes your choice of case plus one lens/cap (wide, tele, superfish, macro) from $99 to $159; 3) the Standard (case and 2 lenses) from $179 to $249; and 4) the Deluxe ⏤ a photo case, 3 lenses, leather wrist strap, lens pen, and travel case ⏤ which runs $299 to $349.

Seriously, there are a lot of options. Just remember, right now they’re only for iPhone or Pixel. So if you’re reading this on a Moto, you’re out of luck. That said, if they hit their stretch goals, they want to expand to other manufacturers and you can vote on which phone should be next.
(Pre-order for July 2017)

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