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This Tiny House Is The Backyard Man Cave Of Your Dreams

As any parent of a toddler knows, there is only so long you can hide out in the bathroom before the knocking becomes unbearable. “Dad. Dad. Dad. Daddy…” So don’t hide out. Go sit in the backyard instead, in one of these tricked-out sheds from Modern Spaces & Sheds.

Call it an office, a man cave, your happy escape (whatever), Modern Spaces & Sheds is a stylish 100 to 120 sq. ft. modular room that you can put pretty much anywhere on your property the kids can’t go. It arrives completely pre-built and is installed, usually on a pre-existing concrete slab, in a single day by the crew at MS&S. Here’s the catch though: While the exterior is totally finished, the interior is not⏤ it’s all studs. So it’ll be on you to flex those DIY muscles and impress the wife with what you’ve picked up on YouTube about drywall. Or, with how adept you are at project managing local contractors since Modern Spaces & Sheds can hook you up with folks in the area who actually know how to install said sheetrock without consulting videos.

Modern Spaces & Sheds

There are currently two Modern Spaces & Sheds models available: The Cube and the Cadet (watch it Thursday nights, on NBC!). The Cube is a 10 ft. by 10 ft. unit with a flat roof, high ceilings, and a built-in loft. The Cadet, on the other hand, is a little bit bigger and boasts concrete fiberboard siding with redwood detailing and an ability to do 100 pushups without stopping. It’s got a 2 ft. by 6 ft. fixed window and a 6 ft. aluminum sliding glass door, although windows and doors can be configured differently if you want to ensure Junior can’t see inside. Added benefit, neither Modern Spaces & Sheds model has to stay with your home if/when you move. Rather, if you request screws rather than nails when you order, they can be disassembled and set up at the new house. Keep that in mind when you’re deciding on the number of bedrooms.

Modern Spaces & Sheds Interior

Before you get too excited about the possibility of peace, however, a couple of key things to note: One, Modern Spaces & Sheds takes 4 to 6 weeks from order to delivery. So plan ahead for football season. And 2, they only currently sell/deliver in three Western states: California, Oregon, and Nevada. Bummer if you live in Chicago, but not totally. They also sell DIY plans/blueprints for $120 so you can build it yourself with the right tools/knowhow/YouTube videos ⏤ all you have to do is come out of the bathroom.

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