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I Tell All My Friends to Buy This $65 Chef’s Knife

Keep your hand-inlayed, multi-hundred dollar knives. This blade is the ideal kitchen workhorse.

It’s a familiar scene: five o’clock rolls around, and my wife emerges from her home office, and asks, with some trepidation, “What’s for dinner?” If your family is like mine, the mere mention of dinner planning can send you into analysis paralysis, as baby brain, nutritional considerations, and a setting sun conspire to make feeding the family feel like scaling Everest. Throw in a lack of culinary creativity, and dinnertime can often be more chore than treat.

Thankfully, Misen has me covered when it comes to choosing the right tool for the job. Over the last three years, their 8-inch chef’s knife has become the indispensable meal-prep tool in my kitchen, whether I’m mincing garlic or crunching through chicken bones. We make meals from scratch as much as possible, so having a dependable go-to knife allows me to power through a recipe without having to hunt down additional gear — seconds are often the difference between peace and meltdown when I’m trying to get food into the gullet of my bouncing-off-the-walls four-year-old.

Discerning types (or maybe just those who don’t chop veggies with a 7-month-old strapped to their chests) will appreciate the attention to detail that went into crafting this knife. Japanese AICHI steel helps maintain the edge’s sharpness and durability, even after it’s run through the entirety of a Julia Child cookbook or had an extended stay in the silverware drawer. The higher carbon content (60 percent), along with quality design, ensures that your knife skills, novice or expert, aren’t diminished by a dull, brittle blade. Overall, the knife is well balanced, not so heavy as to be sluggish, and not so light that you lose control.  (I’m not alone in fawning over this knife, by the way. Publications like Epicurious (“It’s the best knife I’ve ever used”) and Serious Eats  (“the holy grail of chef’s knives”) have also weighed in favorably.)

With its elegant design, this is a knife you’ll want to show off, not hide in a drawer. Misen offers their chef’s knife in your choice of black, blue, or gray handles, for those who want to color coordinate. 

Because Misen is a direct-to-consumer company, its price point is as sharp as the blade. And check the fine print: Misen is set to roll out a free lifetime blade-sharpening program, helping you keep your gear in top order (although in three years I’ve never once sharpened mine and it’s still performing like it did out of the box). So while you’ll be ready to break the bank for the versatility, quality and overall performance of the Misen chef’s knife, you won’t have to.

Buy Now $65

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