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Black Friday: Save $70 On the Miku Baby Breathing Monitor

This thing is a cool $400 on a regular day.

It’s not exactly breaking news that you save big on Black Friday. You can especially save big on big-ticket items, like smart video baby monitors. Namely, the Miku baby breathing monitor.

The Miku smart baby monitor tracks breathing without wearables, and is normally $399.

The Miku connects with your smartphone to track your baby’s breathing, without the use of any wearables. It’s worth noting that the American Academy of Pediatrics frowns on using wearables on babies, and says so-called smart baby monitors in general are as yet unproven. However, for anxious new parents (guilty), they’re an absolute sanity-saver because they let you know what and how your baby is doing 24/7.

The Miku lets parents share and download unlimited HD video and photos from your smartphone. You can play sleep sounds and lullabies using the Miku’s dual speakers. If hacking is a concern, the Miku offers 256 bit encryption and houses a tamper-resistant Crypto Chip so data remains secure. That’s always a big plus.

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