MasterPan Is A 5-Compartment Frying Pan That Cooks An Entire Meal At Once

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Few things cause more chaos in the kitchen than a hungry toddler demanding food while you’re trying to make dinner. Daddy, cheese stick! Daddy, crackers! Daddy, pasta!!! Sure, you could put up a gate, or hand them a banana, or turn on Dinosaur Train and send them away. Or, you could buy a MasterPan and cook dinner so damn fast they barely have time to remember you forgot to give them their afternoon snack pack.

Okay, so not to go all infomercial on you (because that’s what the video’s for), but MasterPan is a 15-inch, “As-Seen-On-TV” frying pan that cooks 5 foods at one time. Hot dogs, chicken nuggets, baked beans, Spaghettios, tater tots ⏤ you name the foods, doesn’t matter. You can fry them all up at once, in the same pan, on a single burner. And, much like you and your partner now that you have kids, they never touch! Also, despite it being a giant pan on a single stove, everything reportedly gets cooked evenly thanks to a circular base plate on the bottom that distributes the heat.

Not only that, but you don’t have to spend an hour on dish duty every night. Master P is made out of 100-percent die-cast aluminum (it weighs 4 pounds) and boasts a non-stick coating ⏤ so it easily wipes clean and/or goes in the dishwasher. It’s also oven safe up to 350-degrees, which means you don’t need to be shy about baking that ziti.


Finally, order now and they’ll even throw in 5 more MasterPans in different sizes (!!!) and a complete set of … okay, that’s not true. But there is a smaller/ cheaper 3-compartment version, as well. Which is perfect for cooking cheese sticks, crackers, and pasta, assuming of course, that Junior’s squared away watching DT.

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