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We Want to Make Sweet Music With Marshall’s New Multi-Room Speakers

Damn they look fine.

It’s a rare family that listens to the same music. There’s a reason kids fight over who gets to pick the radio station and dads cry when Frozen goes on repeat. But even when kids are jamming out in different rooms, not every parent is cool ceding control of the dial to a five-year-old. It’s why the Jooki Jukebox was invented. And why Marshall’s new multi-room wireless speaker system is perfect for families. It lets you play three different tunes in three different rooms, and control them all from one app.

Just so it’s clear, Marshall’s new wireless speakers are essentially upgraded versions of its three current models ⏤ the Acton, the Stanmore, and Woburn. In fact, the names and vintage-amp aesthetic remain the same. The big difference between the two, however, is that the newer speakers get multi-room capabilities via Wi-Fi and the Multi-Room app, as well as a fresh control panel. The originals remain entirely Bluetooth and about $100 cheaper.

Marshall wireless speakers

Thanks to the Wi-Fi connectivity, the newer Marshall units can connect to Chromecast (built-in), Spotify Connect, or Airplay. Each has a 3.5mm input to plug into your Walkman and the Woburn also rocks an RCA jack. Also, there are seven one-touch presets for all of your kid’s favorite playlists (or your podcasts) and they can be accessed either using the dials on the speaker or the app.

While all of this fancy new innovation was announced today at the IFA Consumer Electronics Show in Berlin, none of the new Marshall gear goes on sale until tomorrow when you can pre-order online. And even then, the new Marshall multi-rooms don’t hit stores shelves until September 21. So no matter of how excited you are, you best let it go.

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