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This Rechargeable, Electric Lighter Is The Ultimate Stocking Stuffer

You can light it 1,000 times before it needs a recharge.

An electric lighter is the kind of thing kept in a kitchen junk drawer, alongside batteries and a multitool, forgotten about until it’s needed. They work fine until they run out of butane and your scented, birthday, and citronella candles go tragically unlit. The Tacklife Electric-Arc Lighter is a permanent solution to that particularly annoying problem. It’s also one of the best stocking stuffers we’ve ever seen.

Instead of butane, the Tacklife uses an electric mechanism powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. To operate the Tacklife, you flip the switch from off to ready and then hold it, much like a traditional lighter. The two prongs at the tip light up with a purplish spark is way more wind-resistant than an open flame and looks super cool to boot. There’s no smell from burning fuel, just a high-pitched noise that my ears can pick up, but others don’t seem to notice.

When I received my Tacklife in the mail, I used the included USB cable to charge it for a few hours. I haven’t had to plug it in since. The manufacturer claims it can be lit 1,000 times between charges, which means I’ll likely go years before I plug it in again. When that day comes, I’ll be happy not to have to run out to buy a butane lighter. My future self has already thanked me.

The Tacklife has many of the features found on higher-quality traditional lighters, such as a flexible neck for reaching into deep candles and a child-resistant lighting mechanism. Instead of a small window showing how much fuel is left the Tacklife has a light that blinks when its battery is running low.

Because the lighting mechanism is a focused electrical current and not a flickering flame, only a small part of the tip heats up. After use, it cools down quickly so I can put it back in my drawer without worrying about melting anything or burning the house down.

At $15, the Tacklife does cost more than a traditional lighter. But who cares? It’s rechargeable so it will pay for itself. And if it prevents me from having to buy yet another butane model, then it’s priceless.

Buy Now $15