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Legacy Box Digitizes Your Family’s Old Pictures And Home Movies

In a world of social media and smartphone cameras, it’s easy to forget that most of your parents’ memories (from tattered black and white photos to your childhood home movies) aren’t stored safely in the cloud somewhere but are slowly deteriorating on a shelf in the basement. And, since nobody wants to see that family history lost (or your parents spend their golden years converting Betamax tapes of you eating butternut squash to a thumb drive) there’s Legacy Box.

Legacy Box

Legacy Box is a mail-in service that digitizes any and all forms of media — from old photographs, audio cassettes, and Super 8, to 35mm slides, reel-to-reel film, and even that “Long Lonely Summer” mixtape you made before going back to Brown sophomore year. It works in three easy steps:

  • Legacy Box sends a “crush-proof” box for safe shipping
  • Your parents sift through albums of old memories and affix barcodes to the stuff they want to convert
  • They fill up said box and ship it off.

From there, Legacy Box’s magic elves toil away watching/digitizing all those family films. In a few weeks they’ll send back DVDs (or a thumb drive if you pay to upgrade) plus your original collection in the mail. Consider the family history officially safe from the busted water heater that’s eventually going to flood the basement.

Legacy Box

There are four different size boxes available for order, none of which are cheap but all of which can be mixed and matched in terms of what goes inside. For example, the Starter box allows for 3 total items (ex. one tape, one film, or one set of 25 pics) while the Family box allows for 10 things — so maybe 5 films, 3 tapes, and 2 sets of 25 pictures. You get the idea. There’s also a Closet (20 items) and Trunk size (40 items) as well, just in case your folks shot a lot of footage of 6-year-old you eating root vegetables.

Buy Now $75-$1,000