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Early Black Friday Le Creuset Sale: Save $160 on a Cast-Iron Roasting Pan

Being stuck at home during the holidays isn't ideal. This will make things easier (and tastier).

It’s often said that everything tastes better when it’s made in cast-iron cookware from Le Creuset. The French brand’s Dutch ovens, especially, are pretty much the gold standard in cast iron. However, gold comes at a price, and the price for Le Creuset is rather eye-watering. So this unexpected Le Creuset sale couldn’t be better timed, especially as most parents are cooking dinner together at home these days. In the lead-up to Black Friday (which is now basically Black Friday Month), here are four great deals on one of our most beloved brands.

Unlike traditional cast-iron pots and pans that require seasoning, the ones from Le Creuset are enameled, so they require minimal maintenance. They cook things to perfection: Each vessel has even heat retention, so you won’t end up with half-raw, half-burned ratatouille. Just about every pot can be used for slow-cooking, roasting, searing, stir-frying, or baking.

Also, while the aesthetics of cookware are unimportant, of course, these pots and ovens are good-looking, especially now, when all of us could use something vibrant in our lives. And best of all, these pots are super-practical and will last for years.

Normally $170, this grill pan gives you those succulent grill marks when you use it to cook steak or chicken or whatever you want. The interior surface is black satin enamel that you don't need to pre-season. And it's especially made to be used in high heat, at temps up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Particularly handy are the spouts, for drip-free pours.

This 6 3/4 quart Dutch Oven, which is normally $380, will be your kitchen workhorse. You can use it to make anything, from soups to stews to pasta to chicken. It has a wide base for searing and browning meat and vegetables. And it's pretty enough to do directly from the stove or oven to the table. It's oven-safe up to 500 degrees.

This glorious $360 enamel cast iron roaster is perfect for chicken, lasagna, stew, pot pie, or, wait for it, a small Thanksgiving turkey. It has handles for easy lifting.

One-pot meals are parental sanity savers, and this is one hell of a pot; it's normally $300. It has a wide base for browning meats, and then you just throw it in the oven to slowly roast it. The sides are sloped, so you can stir food around, and because it's pre-seasoned, it's just wash and go.

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