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This $30 Lap Desk Saved My Swimmers

I thought lap desks were lamer than fanny packs. Once I begrudgingly bought one, I realized their purpose.

Most of my day is spent in front of a computer screen. My work demands this. And while I’ve gone through measures to ensure that my back is not (completely) ruined from all of this sitting, I neglected to care for a different but no less important part of my body: my balls.

When working at home, I would often sit with my laptop propped, well, in my lap. And I would shift positions or simply endure it as the heat slowly built near my balls. I did this for too long. I know that extreme temperature changes and testicles don’t mix, but I hated the idea of buying a lap desk, which, is the home furniture equivalent of the fanny pack: an accessory that, while it serves an obvious function, is lame.

But worry over my privates led me to begrudgingly begin to search for a lap desk to defend my boys. And, well, I found one that not only does this but actually makes my at-home work at a little less miserable: the LapGear Designer Lap Desk.

The LapGear Designer Desk is basically two items fused together: a smooth wooden top and a cushion. The wooden top fits laptops up to 17 inches wide. It’s designed such that a laptop placed on it doesn’t slide around and has a simple slot in which you can put phones and an elastic strap at the left-hand corner that holds papers and other items in place.

The cushion is filled with microbeads and feels comfortable against my legs. It’s engineered to conform to your lap just so that helps keep it stable. It’s also ventilated to ensure that my laptop — and my lap — don’t overheat.

There’s also a nice sturdy strap that makes it easy for me to carry it around the house (I won’t be caught dead with this thing outside my house).

A lap desk is such a simple purchase, but it honestly has made my work life better. I don’t have the space for a proper desk or office area in my home so this is the closest I have to setting one up for myself at the time being. And there’s just something about having a stable work area that helps me get shit done while I’m comfortable. And that’s why I think I like this thing so much: the little niceties — the phone slot, the elastic strap, the micro-bead filling, help make it less of a necessary evil and more of comfort. I feel — and I am — more productive with it.

Price-wise, this desk isn’t a major investment. It’s only $30 and comes in a variety of colors. I opted for the slate grey because it just felt more professional to me. In any case, it’s been a small investment that pays serious dividends for both my productivity and, hopefully, my chances of future progeny. And who knows, maybe I’ll give the fanny pack a chance. They are back in style.

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