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Labracadabra All-In-One Chemistry Kits Teach Kids Basic Science Skills

For as much as you enjoyed science-y stuff as a kid — from chemistry class, to electronics kits, to trying to “fix” the family VCR when it ate your Police Academy 3 tape (that was Back In Training, fyi) — somewhere along the way your interest didn’t translate into a science career. The folks at General Electric don’t want the same thing to happen to your kids, which is why they launched Labracadabra.

Cleverly designed to connect children to the “science the company’s professionals use to build machines,” Labracadabra is a series of pre-packaged kits that include all the materials they need to turn the living room into a mini-meth …odology lab. Or, better still, a laboratory for conducting colorful, safe experiments — like making a lava lamp. Each box includes safety goggles, gloves, and a magic lab shirt, as well as the flasks, pipettes, and ingredients. All they do is follow the written instructions and/or accompanying video on the Labracadabra YouTube Channel. If you invited Amazon’s Alexa into your home this holiday season, you can also put her to work as a lab assistant; she’s “programmed to teach multiple experiments while offering help, fun facts, and humor along the way.”


There are currently five experiments they can choose, each designed to explore a different scientific principle: Bouncing Bubble (surface tension and evaporation!), Foaming Fountain (exothermic reactions!), Lava Lamp (intermolecular forces!), Liquid Stack (liquid density!), and Lemon Volcano, which teaches kids about something else you might have enjoyed in your youth — or at least in college at that Phish show — “acid-based reactions.”
Labracadabra Science Kits (Start at $30)