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Kinsa Smart Stick Turns Your Phone Into A Digital Thermometer

If you’re using a kid’s thermometer, chances are good you’re home from work at the worst possible time (because it’s always at the worst possible time). The Kinsa smart thermometer can’t help you with that, but it can track your kid’s fever (and other vitals) right there on your smartphone, which is what you’re going to be staring at all day, anyway.

Kinsa Smart Stick Thermometer
What you’re essentially buying is a lightweight flexible digital thermometer that plugs into the headphone jack of your smartphone. No batteries are required, as it’s powered by the phone (but you’ll have to hold off on that iPhone 7 purchase), and it’s just a couple of easy steps to configure the Android or iOS app. Once that’s done, select the icon for “oral,” “underarm,” or “rectal” (thankfully, there’s an extension cord) and use it as you would any other digital thermometer. Except that this one has Candy Crush. During a field test, several readings with the Kinsa smart thermometer gybed with other thermometers in the house in terms of accuracy. No fever! Not even for cowbell.

Yes, the Kinsa smart thermometer is mostly there for the tracking functions. Create individual profiles for your family, friends, and neighbors  in which you record symptoms. It also allows you to take notes and gives a final diagnosis (Murder? Who switched this with Dick Van Dyke’s thermometer?) It also provides real-time medical advice based on age and fever reading, and recommends when you should finally stop pretending that your kid’s not sick and call the damn doctor.

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