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This Rugged Stroller-Wagon Is the Ideal Vehicle For Fall Outings

It's the perfect stroller for parents with multiple young kids.

We’ll be the first to admit that the Keenz stroller wagon looks like a caboose. But trust us when we tell you, this is the stroller wagon you need for treks to the pumpkin patch, or when you take the kids apple-picking. It even makes trips to the grocery store less painful, because the kids can sit in the wagon and entertain each other instead of ripping boxes of cookies off store shelves. And it has a cup holder for your Instagram-mandated pumpkin spice lattes.

First off, it’s a lot of stroller for a great price. It has two five-point harnesses, and fits two kids. It comes with a cup holder, canopy storage bag, and storage cover. You get total stability, thanks to its seven inch front wheels and 11 inch back wheels. The frame is made of 1.6 mm durable aluminum, meaning this is one solid stroller. You can either push or pull it. And you won’t be hunched over, because you can adjust the handle to 10 different positions. We especially like the one step on/off brakes.

The Keenz stroller wagon can hold 110 pounds of kid and other stuff.

If you have two young kids of roughly toddler age, this is the stroller wagon for you, because the interior is deep and they can chill inside the stroller. It’s sturdy. It looks retro-cool. It easily rolls over both grass and gravel. Not that we recommend it, but kids can stand up in it without the stroller wagon tipping over. It folds up in minutes. You can get a cooler attachment so you never run out of snacks.

And if the kids fall asleep? Well, the stroller is padded enough that you don’t need a blanket to cushion the ride. Simply pull down the two roll-down panels from each side to block out the light. A stroller with blackout shades. What a concept.

The 7s can hold up to 110 pounds of kids, or gourds, and weighs just over 32 pounds. 

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