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This Ultra-Thin Smartphone Charger Fits In Your Wallet

Quite possibly the only thing more frustrating than having your iPad go dead in the middle of Nature Cat is frantically having to dig to the bottom of that packed diaper bag in search of the phone charger. Before the kid starts crying starts and everybody in the coffee shop (airport, church, yoga studio… wherever) starts glaring at you. Ensuring you never experience this horrible scenario, Kado’s new super-slim phone and laptop chargers that fit in your wallet.

Billed as the world’s thinnest and lightest charger, there are 2 soon-to-be-released models:

  • The Kado Wallet measures a mere .2-inches thick (.74 ounces) and features folding electrical prongs so it stores flat ⏤ and yes, in your actual billfold. It also uses a roll-in system to house (and keep tangle free) 2 feet of retractable cable. If you’re determined to use your own USB cord, though, you can just as well detach the bottom half of the charger and leave it at home, making the damn thing even lighter. The Kado Wallet’s designed to fast charge smartphones and tablets (at 2.1A), although it can handle any device that uses USB Type-C, micro-USB, or Apple Lightning ⏤ so your fancy new Jabra wireless headphones are fine.

Kado Ultrathin Phone Charger

  • The laptop Kado Sleeve, on the other hand, is a little thicker (0.3 inches, 3.4 oz) but folds in half to save space. And rather than feature a retracting 6.5-foot cable, it wraps around the outside of the case for easy storage. The Kado Sleeve works on all the PCs and Macs but also includes an additional USB port, so you can simultaneously charge your phone using the smart power management system.

Both chargers are slated to drop in the next month or so and will retail for $50 (Wallet) and $100 (Sleeve). To get in on the action, simply sign up on their website, and you’ll be notified when they go on sale.
(Available Spring 2017)

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