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New Jeep Compass Commercial Focuses on Families

Jeep's new commercial markets the 2017 Compass for young parents.

Jeep hasn’t had a true family vehicle since their Grand Cherokee became associated with early-2000s aggro-escapism. Now, the car company is pushing for the 2017 Jeep Compass to take up that mantle with millenials. The Jeep Compass was the center of Jeep’s presentation at the New York Auto Show, where they highlighted its value for urbanites excited for weekend adventures. Their newest commercial doubles down, going hard on the Jeep Compass’ appeal to millennial families.

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The ad features millennials choosing to “recalculate” what really matters in life and the focus is definitely on the family. Thanks to their dependable new ride, a young, hip couple and their young daughter escape the city to happily explore the great outdoors. But while this car might be for families, Jeep makes it clear that the Jeep Compas is not your mom’s minivan. The commercial emphasizes the contrast between the Jeep Compass and other, more traditional vehicles, highlighting the freedom and dependability of the Jeep Compass that, say, the average Suburban is sorely lacking. The Grand Cherokee was a success because it set itself apart from other family-oriented cars by still feeling like a car that people wanted to drive; Jeep is not so subtly hoping the Jeep Compass blazes a similar trail.

In an unprecedented move, the all-new Jeep Compass will be sold alongside older versions of the vehicle (all to emphasize the all-new model’s superiority. The car will not be officially released until the fall, so we will have to wait and see if Jeep has indeed found its new family favorite or if it will continue to be on the outside looking in.