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Jeep by Delta Children Jogging Stroller — Does My Baby Really Need This?

In this episode of “Does My Baby Really Need This?” Fatherly producer Evan Kaufman takes the Delta Children’s J Is for Jeep® Brand Adventure All-Terrain Jogger Stroller off-roading for a test run. Designed to provide your child comfort while you stroll, speed-walk, or jog across varying terrain, it features a cushioned seat with easy-to-adjust recline and an extendable canopy. The Jeep® Stroller is similar to its vehicle counterpart in that it feels very durable and heavy duty.

Some features that are great for dad include the child tray that swings up and out to effortlessly load and unload, and the ample storage space under the carriage. You can easily store bottles, diapers, your phone, wallet, and any other on-the-go essentials. At your fingertips is the convenient parent tray with cup holders.

The Adventure Jogger comes with a wide range of safety and comfort features, including a five-point safety harness and a safety tether that you can attach to either wrist. Authentically on-brand for Jeep®, the stroller’s all-terrain rubber tires are filled with air for on- and off-road handling. The front swivel wheel provides easy navigation and comes with a swivel lock to ensure straight and stable passage when walking fast or jogging. You can enjoy this stroller in the park or on the street. When it’s time to break it down, the stroller folds quickly, and the back tires can be easily removed, making it compact and easy to store or travel with. The All-Terrain Jogger holds up to 50 pounds and 42 inches.