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Jaswig’s My First StandUp Desk Is An Actual Standing Desk For Kids

Considering that one-third of children in the U.S. are overweight, anything you can do to promote an active and healthy lifestyle in your kids is huge. And if what you do — like buying this standing desk from Jaswig — also makes them look like the co-founder of an early stage tech startup, well, all the better.

While their tagline might be somewhat questionable (“If you like to use a standing desk, why wouldn’t your child like to use one too?”), the idea of kids standing instead of sitting all day is sound. The Jawsig My First StandUp Desk is the handsome wooden desk for kids who understand the benefits of open workspace collaboration and hitting your daily FitBit/Vivo Jr. steps.

It’s actually a mini version of the company’s adult standing desk, the StandUp Nomad, and is made of eco-friendly birch plywood; the edges are rounded, there are “no pinch-points for their fingers,” and there’s even a convenient storage cubby in the front for the noise-canceling headphones they’re going to need to drown out the terrible playlist blasting over the living room speakers. (“Dad! Nobody wants to hear the Spin Doctors again.“) The desktop measures 18-inches by 23-inches and includes 6 different height settings (from 27- to 35-inches), so the desk will grow along with their company.

Jaswig My First StandUp Desk

Because you don’t want something designed to help your kids actually end up hurting them, the Jawsig My First StandUp Desk also boasts an ergonomic footrest and can be paired with the StandOn Anti-Fatigue Mat to keep their legs fresh. That said, even the company recommends taking a break from standing every 2 hours. Which is good, considering that eventually your young sophisticate is going to have to sit for the entire length of math class. And there’s nothing funny about that.

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