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The New Jabra Elite Wireless Earbuds Cancel Out Kid-Noise And Keep Track Of Your Heart Rate

You can never drown out all the noise as a parent, but you can certainly try your best. And with these new wireless earbuds, you can actually choose how much of the outside world (and your kids) you want to let in.

As you might gather from the name, Jabra’s high-tech Elite Sport cord-free buds are designed more for the gym than avoiding Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. But that shouldn’t stop you from using them everywhere. Each bud rocks dual microphones to help cancel/regulate background noise. So if you want to immerse yourself in David Guetta and/or converse clearly on a voice-activated call with the boss, simply double tap the buds and they filter out surrounding noise. Want to let in more of your kids yelling to know if they’re destroying the living room? Tap the Jabra Elite Sport again. The left bud has buttons to control volume/track; the right handles play/pause and ends phone calls.

Jabra Elite Sport Wireless Earbuds

Now, let’s get back to the gym. In addition to a bunch of different ear wing/gel fitting options (so they won’t fall out regardless of how vigorously you’re flipping that truck tire), the Jabra Elite Sports are water/sweat resistant and boast an in-ear heart rate monitor. In fact, these things keep tabs on all your standard fitness tracker stats (mileage, calories burned, etc.) and even, get this, count the number situps you do! All the data goes to the “sport life” app, of course, which boasts a personal trainer and pre-planned workouts.

Jabra Elite Sport Wireless Earbuds

In terms of battery life, they get a decent three hours per charge. But their case doubles as a portable charger. Pop the buds back and you’ll score six additional hours of juice before needing to recharge the whole thing. The Jabra Elite Sports aren’t cheap at $250, but then again, can you honestly put a price tag on being able to drown out your kids simply by tapping your headphones?

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