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Today’s the Day to Grab That Robot Vacuum You’ve Always Wanted

Amazon's big Roomba sale does not suck.

Vacuuming your own floor is so 2001, the year before iRobot introduced the Roomba, the autonomous, house-mapping robotic vacuum cleaner that has come to define the category. Over the years, they’ve made the robo vacs more intelligent, adding features like app integration, Alexa voice control, and GPS fencing (the latter of which prevents them from hockey-pucking into your dry wall), but the robots still have one main function: taking over an onerous chore. If you’re ready to Roomba, today’s the day to pick one up. Amazon is having one of the largest Roomba sales we’ve ever seen, offering discounts on a variety of Roomba models. Here are three of our favorites.

iRobot Roomba 690

The 690 is the budget pick of the bunch, but it still packs a ton of features like dual multi-surface brushes and an edge sweeping brush, an auto-adjusting cleaning head, and iRobot’s iAdapt navigation sensor system. It’s $95 less than usual today, and it still automatically adapts to best clean the surface it’s on top of.

Buy Now $280

iRobot Roomba 890

Upgrading from the 690 to the 890 gives you five times the vacuum suction, so it’s a better choice for homes that get dirty frequently (i.e. homes with a bunch of messy kids). The 890 also features a high-efficiency filter and Advanced Dirt Detect technology, optical and acoustic sensors that identify areas with dirt and debris that need extra cleaning. Save $50 when you buy the 890 today.

Buy Now $449

iRobot Roomba 980

Here we have the Cadillac of the Roomba line. It’s twice as powerful as the 890 and goes cleans even deeper into carpets. It’s also smarter. When its battery is low mid-clean, the 980 will automatically return to its base to recharge before resuming to finish the job. Using the app, you can set advanced options (number of passes, edge cleaning) and even see a map of the areas of your house the Roomba has cleaned. You won’t find a smarter robot vacuum out there, and it’s available today for $200 less than usual.

Buy Now $700