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Now You Can Mop Up All Your Kid’s Messes Without Lifting A Finger

iRobot, makers of the feline “It’s A Small World” ride you know as Roomba, is back at it with their newest mopping robot, the Braava Jet. Presumably, they’ve figured out the only thing kids do better than kick up dust is spill wet and/or sticky substances all over your house.

The Braava Jet uses the same navigation software and sensors that make iRobot products so good at cleaning that spot you missed without re-cleaning that spot you hit. What’s new here is the water spray and vibrating cleaning head.

The former targets and loosens dirt and stains while the latter scrubs them away, leaving wood and tile surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom looking like they did before your kid got into their finger-painting phase.

Braava Jet is smart enough to recognize whether you’ve inserted the wet mopping, damp sweeping, or dry sweeping cleaning pad and adjust its spray accordingly, so you literally just have to turn the thing on and press “CLEAN” to be able to claim you helped out around the house. When Braava Jet is done making you look good, you just push another button to eject and discard the pad. Your hands never have to touch the dirt, presumably because iRobot figured out one more thing kids are uncannily good at: pooping in impossibly hard-to-reach places.

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