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These Instant Pots Are on Mega Sale for Prime Day

Here's the Instant Pot you need right now.

We love Instant Pots. And on Amazon Prime Day 2019, Instant Pots are so affordable, it’s almost a crime not to by one for your kitchen. Here are four options for you, depending on whether you want to use it to bake a cake, steam some broccoli, or cook split pea soup.

The six quart Instant Pot was $99.95 but is now $49.99. Best price ever.

You know the Instant Pot. You love the Instant Pot. And you need this six-quart Instant Pot, which also serves as an electric pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, food warmer, and sauté powerhouse. It’s seven gadgets in one. And it’s at a price that’s simply yummy.

Leave it to Instant Pot to give us an affordable blender that cooks. And it's gone from $149.99 to $89.99 for Amazon Prime members.

Instant Pot’s Ace blender has four cold blending programs and four hot blending programs. Which means you whip up soups, smoothies and, or sauces. After you make your favorite tomato soup, it automatically turns on after hot blending and warms for it up for two hours.

The Instant Pot Ultra is down from $149.95 to $87.99 for Amazon Prime members. With it, you can replace 10, count 'em 10, kitchen appliances.

The updated Instant Pot includes altitude adjustment, a cooking indicator, and a steam release reset button. Plus you can use to sterilize, bake cakes, and cook perfect eggs every time.

Is there anything the Instant Pot folks don't do? The sous vide immersion circulator was $79.95 and is now $54.99 for Amazon Prime members.

Instant Pot’s sous vide immersion circulator prepares high-end gourmet dishes at home, turning home cooks into four-star chefs that churn out flawless dinners in no time. Its cooking times range from 10 minutes to 72 hours. It has an easy-to-read display and tough screen digital controls. 

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