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This Inflatable Cactus Sprinkler Is the Yard Upgrade You Deserve

Hell yeah it's wearing sunglasses.

Summer is almost here and no yard is complete without a big ass sprinkler in the front yard. And if you’re a fan of desert plants that wear sunglasses, boy, do we have the product for you: a giant inflatable cactus sprinkler that wears shades and sprays kids with water.

You heard us right. Target is selling an inflatable sprinkler that looks like a cactus adorned in stars and wearing sunglasses. It makes zero sense, but it does it’s job: facilitating summertime fun and relief from scorching temperatures.

An inflatable cactus that shoots water into the air. Sunglasses included.

The cactus stands roughly seven feet tall — because we can all agree that a miniature inflatable cactus sprinkler wouldn’t be nearly as much fun. Once you inflate it — for the love of God use an electric pump — use the included stakes, that go through grommets on the base of the sprinkler, to keep it from blowing away.

Then, all you need to do is hook up a garden hose, turn it on, and watch water start cascading from its three segments. On a hot day, there’s really nothing more refreshing than water on your skin, a lesson your kids will learn the minute they step under the cooling streams this thing shoots into the air.

Your kids will be entertained and you’ll be the only genius on the block with a novelty desert plant on his lawn. Sounds like a win-win to us.