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Infantino’s Squeeze Station Is A Baby Food Maker That Lets You Make Baby Food At Home

By far the easiest way to quiet a crying kid ⏤ be it in the car or at a table at Chili’s ⏤ is to hand them a packet of pureed apples or bananas or … well, anything really, it doesn’t matter. Kids just love eating out of those damn baby food pouches. You’d serve one at every snack and meal if it didn’t mean taking a second job. And there’s the rub, they’re not cheap.

But what if you could make an endless supply of baby food packets at home!? At a fraction of the cost! [Cue explosions.] It’d be amazing, right? That’s what the Infantino Squeeze Station promises.

In short, the Infantino Squeeze Station is a countertop “food press” which, once you get past the fact it looks like something an industrial dairy farmer owns, is a pretty easy concept. Fill 3 4-ounce disposable plastic pouches at a time with pureed goodness. First, blend up that pea-kale mix. Next, pour it into one of the tubes on top of the station. Finally,  push down on the soft rubber press ⏤ voila, you just saved a buck. Slap on a child-proof cap, label the bag, and throw it in either the fridge or freezer. You’re done. You can fill 3 pouches at a time and the whole thing is dishwasher safe. Also, if you don’t want to dirty up the food processor, just use yogurt, applesauce, creamed corn from a can, whatever.

Infantino Squeeze Station -- baby food maker

The complete Infantino Squeeze Station kit comes with one squeeze station, one press, three plastic filling tubes, and ten disposable squeeze pouches. Although if you’re all about saving the earth, hold up ⏤ they also sell a reusable plastic squeeze pouch, along with other accessories like a funnel, a plastic bin/freezer sleeve (that holds up to eight pouches), and an attachable spoon so your kid’s not still drinking dinner at age 3. Other that the fact that kids can’t eat from a packet forever, the only drawback appears to be that they’re currently out of stock. Order now, and you’ll have it just in time for next month’s family dinner at Chili’s.
(Order for March 2017)

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