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Ikea Announced New Smart Window Blinds That Can Be Controlled With Alexa

The Swedish retailer is expanding its smart home product offerings.

Ikea sells pretty much anything you could ever need for your home, from kitchen cabinets to fun furniture to bikes and, of course, meatballs. So it was only a matter of time before the Swedish retail behemoth got into the smart home game. Following up on the success of their wireless chargers and the Trådfri line of smart lighting, the company is now offering remote-controlled window shades.

Ikea is currently offering two options, both of which are powered by a rechargeable battery and require no wiring. They’re each controlled by a small, disc-shaped remote control. There’s the Kadrilj, a light-filtering window shade, and the Fyrtur, a blackout shade. 

Ikea’s smart shades connect to the same hub that runs the Trådfri system. You can use a dedicated smartphone application or a digital assistant like Google Hub, Alexa, or Siri to raise and lower the blinds and, even better, set specific times for them to open and close.

As of now, there are no listings for the blinds on the American Ikea website, but we’re hopeful that they’ll migrate over from German stores soon. The shades are currently listed there in five different sizes, with the 80 by 195 cm versions of the Kadrilk and Fyrtur retailing for 109 and 119 euros, or about $125 and $136, respectively.

That’s welcome news for those smart home aficionados eager for cheaper options. Most of the other smart blind systems require professional installation that makes them more expensive, but even retrofitted options are pricier than Ikea. With any luck, this inexpensive solution will make its way into Americans’ (smart) homes soon and put pressure on Ikea’s competitors to offer more affordable options.